FOHH Hair Butter

FOHH Hair Butter

6 oz bottle of natural hair butters that promote a healty scalp and hair strands. The butters have natural vitamins, minerals and herbs that naturally blood flow to the scalp for stronger hair strands all while retaining moisture.


Each butter will strengthen your hair and also has different focuses!


Brewpunzel- Focuses on thicker hair strands, as well as building the broken folicles to encourage growth in areas that were once dorminant. (Natural Scent)


Mishle31- Focuses on dandruff prevention that causes scalp itch and irritation. This butter also offers healing to damaged scalp folicles and encourage the growth of stronger hair while lessening hair fall.

(Lavender Scent)


Royal Fruits- Focuses on bringing moisture to dry and damaged hair strands, while lessening hair fall and promoting blood flow to the scalp.  (Berry Scent)


**Brewpuzel contains sesame seed oil.**


    Fruit Of Her Hands Do's

    • Can be stored cool dry place for up to one year
    • Recommended use is once a week after washing hair
    • Can be used with protective styles
    • Use from scalp to ends
    • When parting in sections of four, a quarter size will suffice per section

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